What is the main difference of Doginfo?
Doginfo combines all the features of social network and a single international directory of profiles of the dogs, kennels, puppies, groomer, handler, judges, trainers, veterinarians. Doginfo specifically designed for representatives of the dog world and all the dog lovers using professional terminology.

How to register and create your account at Doginfo?
You need to click on "Register", fill in all required information marked with * and save them. Also in the registration form you can create your password in Skype and other social networks that will allow you to withdraw from your account on other social networks that you use constantly. Through your account you can invite friends of other users, share news on the wall, to receive and send messages, keep a diary of a breeder, to congratulate other members of the holidays and the results, add pictures and video, and create profiles of your dogs, kennel, puppies, groomer , handler, judge, trainer, veterinarian.

How to create a profile?
In your account, click "My profile" and create the necessary profiles that are automatically added to an international directory of profiles of dogs, kennels, puppies, groomer, handler, judges, trainers, veterinarians. All profiles are easily administered and provide an opportunity to start and maintain a full professional information, such as a 5 - generation pedigree with links to parents, if any, are also added to the directory profiles, tests for health, size, results of exhibitions and competitions, etc.

How to add the results of the exhibition or competition, to be shown on the front page of the portal?
In your account under "My profile" open (create) the profile of your dog and set up the result of the exhibition (competition). Once you save the result, it will automatically be displayed on the first page Doginfo.

How to place an Ad to sell puppies?
Puppies for sale as well as creating profiles. For this we need to register, in your account to open the "My Profiles" and create a profile "Puppies", make all the necessary information and save.

How to use this section of the exhibition of dogs?
The section "Dogs" is a most complete calendar of dog ​​shows around the world. Just fill the data you want and click "Search".

How to add information about your product or service to All for the dogs?
The section ""All for dogs" is a directory advertising pages of companies that offer various goods, services, food for dogs. Firms themselves create and administer their own pages in this commercial section.
If you want to add your product, goods or services, please contact us by e-mail dog@doginfo.info and you get all the information, how to register your account of the firm.

How to add your exhibition section Dogs?
If the list of exhibitions and events is not your exhibition or event for the dogs, please contact us by e-mail dog@doginfo.infoи we will add your information to the general list.

How to send a virtual gift?
1. To purchase a virtual gift or card you have to buy virtual Dog money in the "Extras".
2. In account or profile that you would like to donate a gift or a virtual card, simply click "Send a gift" (Send a card) and select your gift from the "Gift Shop" (Cards shop).
3. If you choose a gift or a card, simply click on "Send"

How to register your domain on the Web Doginfo (for example, www.mykennel.doginfo.info)?
1.On your account to the "Extras" and click on "My web address"
2.Fill desired web address and check whether it is available
3.If this web address is available, enter it again and save it.
4.Web address you to purchase for one year, six months and 3 months.
If you have registered on Doginfo, you can use your account as private site. Very simple administration makes it possible to quickly update information, add news, photos, show results, etc. Your profiles of dogs, kennel, puppies, groomer, handler, veterinarian automatically added to a single international directory.  

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