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Atshushi of Zamolxes wolf Atshushi of Zamolxes wolf
Category: Kucēni
Šķirne: Shiba Inu

Zamolxes Wolf Zamolxes Wolf
Category: Audzētavas
Šķirne: Shiba Inu

Arya Princess of Zamolxes Wolf Arya Princess of Zamolxes Wolf
Category: Kucēni
Šķirne: Shiba Inu
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Anita W. Anita W.
Valsts: Norway
Pilsēta: Oslo
gadi: 21
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Vārds: Lisbet
Uzvārds: Aarum
Valsts: Norway
Pilsēta: Bödalen
Short info:
Breeder of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs since 1990. Have also had Bernese Mountain Dogs and owned/bred Entlebucher Mountain Dogs.
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