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Dutch Basenji Club Ch show

Agregado: Dominic Harris

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It was indeed an honour to be invited to judge the Basenji Klub of the Netherlands Championship Show at Ztatbollem in the very well equiped Dog Centre (See photos.)
The membership was grieving for the loss of its leader Jennifer Gielisse who passed away on the 11th August this year after a long illness a minutes silence in respect of Jennifer was held and then the celebration of her involvement in dogs began.
Jennifer had a prime position to view the proceedings.During the show we broke for lunch and after the show we had lure coarsing and then a buffet which gave us time to mix with the exhibitors.
Noreen and I would like to thank all concerned for the kindness extended to us throughout the show and the gifts are very much appreciated.To the ring officials a special word of thanks also to my friend Phil M who left no stone unturned to make it a most enjoyable occassion.
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