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Tosa inu puppies

Agregado: Kristyna Malinovska

Tosa inu puppies .We accept reservations for puppies, estimated birth early April, taking the beginning of June.
Father - Atsuko is a 9 year old energetic dog who enjoys excellent health. Son of the European champion, a typical representative of the breed - strong dog correctly shaped head, strong bones.Very friendly and easy to handle. He is now the father and grandfather of many show successful dogs. His son Multichampion C'Chaym of Malizi Doghouse you can see in our home.
Mother - FARASHUU SHANTI is the daughter of World Winner, Multichampion, Interchampion - BonYari Birengo. Bitch with great physique, excellent topline, chest, chest and hind legs well angulated, spacious movement. In our home home, you can see her mother Champ. AKIKO SAMURAJAUS SESELIS (import Lithuania) as well as her brother Champ. FAHARI SHENAI.
Bloodline of Multichampions, World, European champions. In the pedigree of puppies ancestors with the valuation 4x World Champion, 3x European champion, 2x res. European Winner,Winner of Central and Eastern Europe ... etc. Excellent health outcomes, full dentition, scissor bite. You can visit us at anytime More information by phone, tel. 604 825 294 Kennel Malizi Doghouse.
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