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Leonberger Kennel Ensson Bohemia

Agregado: Drahomira Mrackova

Our home - Ensson Bohemia
Our family got ist first leonberger in 1993. Stud dog Asson Assa was loved boy her human family, yet was missing a dog friend. So in 1995 we got a female Annie Chaloupecke skalky upon whom was creetad our breeding Kennel Ensson Bohemia. Our Kennel was registred in 1997, it is small family kennel. We breed only one female at a time, each female is breed 3 times and them givess a well deserved rest. Our pack of leonbergers usually consists of 3 dogs, we couldnt fit ana more intro our car. All of an free times is spent with our dogs, holidays, meetings with friends, shows act. Currently we have female who is restings a four year old stud dog and young female. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to welcome more puppies on the future.
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