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Eszter Szundy Eszter Szundy
Country: Hungary
City: Solymár
years: 39

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Apollon Q-rrens von Hungary Apollon Q-rrens von Hungary
Category: Dogs
Breed: Dachshund Standard Wire-haired

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Category: Groomers
Experience: 15 years

Attila Schlosser Attila Schlosser
Category: Handlers
Experience: 15 years
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Zsolt Kozák Zsolt Kozák
Country: Hungary
City: Miskolc
years: 28
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Profile (Puppy): Pappsi vom Schwarenberg

Pappsi vom Schwarenberg
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Profile visits: 279
Puppy/dog name : Pappsi vom Schwarenberg
Breed: Dachshund Miniature Wire-haired
Sex: Female
Country: Hungary
Birthday: 2011-12-16
Pedigree: Show pedigree
About puppy: Open

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