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Massimiliano Mannucci Massimiliano Mannucci
Category: Kohtunikud
Kogemus: 19 years
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Vitaliy Belskiy Vitaliy Belskiy
Riik: Ukraine
Linn: Kiev
aastat: 10
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Vitaliy Belskiy Vitaliy Belskiy

All greetings! It is glad to dialogue and new acquaintances. I am judge FCI (40 breeds)
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Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk

My apologies for raising questions regarding judging breeds. I have no problem with that. My confusion was due to you being an active dog handler at the same time.

Sabina ** Polak ** Sabina ** Polak **

Yet I did not state anywhere that I am a judge? where it is written, may be an error somewhere?

Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk

Hm, strange. You state yourself as FCI judge and handler. But it's not accepteble by FCI rules. And, you sent me PM with list of your judging breeds. But, you wrote here about 40(!) breeds, in PM about 30(!) breeds, and attached lists of breeds was 14 or 15 breeds.

Robert Tajeb Robert Tajeb

Hello, nice to meet you. I'm a judge assistant and currently on the education to become a judge for dachshund breed.

Christine Mols Christine Mols

Nice to meet you. I'm a UCI ring steward. What groups of breeds do you jugde?

Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk

:) Nice to meet you here! What kind breeds you can judge?