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Juodasis faetonas Juodasis faetonas
Category: Kennelid
Tõug: Miniature Pinscher

Category: Kutsikad
Tõug: Miniature Pinscher
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Ana Liutikienė Ana Liutikienė
Riik: Lithuania
Linn: Plungė
aastat: 70

Susan Portelli Susan Portelli
Riik: Malta
Linn: Hamrun
aastat: 42

Tünde Meznerics Tünde Meznerics
Riik: Hungary
Linn: Kistelek
aastat: 19
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Nimi: Irma
Perekonnanimi: G
Riik: Lithuania
Status: Sõbrakutse
Short info:
Home - breeding kennel in Lithuania. Yorkshire terrier ,zwergpinscher.
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Irma G Irma G

We have MINIATURE PINSCHER (zwergpinsher) puppies for sale! 1 female available SHOW class and 1 male PET class. Available WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

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Tünde Meznerics Tünde Meznerics

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Jana Sestakova Jana Sestakova

Dear Tunde! It's a SPAM, I don't like this. Please, delete your message from the wall!

Diana Jurgaitiene Diana Jurgaitiene

Tünde Meznerics Tünde Meznerics

We wish you Happy Easter Holidays! Tünde and the Arlekkino's

Jana Sestakova Jana Sestakova

Happy Easter, Tunde!

Tünde Meznerics Tünde Meznerics

Tünde Meznerics Tünde Meznerics

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