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За DOGINFO   Обратно
Лична информация

Възраст:37 Години
Хоби:active life's style
Official capacity:owner
За мен
I am owner of doginfo.info. My speciality is marketing. Long time I was working by marketing director in big company.
I like as dogs as all pets. Maybe it's because my father was veterinarian:)


Възраст:39 Години
Хоби:hunting, dog training
Official capacity:consultant
За мен
I am engaged with dogs since 1985y. I train IPO, SchH and Ukrainian national kinds of the training, a special rate for police dogs.
I'm breeder of Dobermanns. My dogs is Inter and Mltchampions.

Възраст:52 Години
Official capacity:estonian language's translator
За мен

I am economist.
I was born and am living in Pärnu.
I like dogs from my chilhood , but first dog I owned in 21 (mixed breed). Now I have 3 dogs - one non-breed from shelter and two males of long haired Dachshund

Възраст: Години
Хоби:theater, dogs
Official capacity:french language's translator
За мен
I am Liana, and I am a theater director. The Greyhound is my second Love (but it's as big as my Love for theater). I wish I could call myself a Breeder one day, for the time being I have my beloved Greyhounds, a prefix ("The Passionate Pilgrim" Greyhounds) and... the future...

Възраст:21 Години
Хоби:dogs, travelling
Official capacity:hungarian language's translator
За мен
Age: 21
Country: Hungary
Hobby: dogs, travelling

I live in Hungary and I am a student studying economics. My family has always had dogs but I got my first own golden retriever in 2004 and he absolutely made me fall in love with the breed...



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